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A Train Station Remodeled
This is a photograph of a residence taken from Towers Road, in Essex Town, Vermont. Here, a recent snowfall has dusted the scenery in light powder, accentuating the glare of the mid afternoon sunlight. Recent tracks follow a buried footpath toward the red front door, guarded by a lamp fixed to the blue siding. Domesticated bushes inhabit the yard and garden near the house’s walls. A few low shrubs appear to the rear of the residence, and a large evergreen tree can be seen in the foreground. The backyard extends a little ways before it is engulfed by tall deciduous trees. The house’s long, protruding eaves are decorated with crystalline icicles, dangling well below the dark blue fascia. A back porch can be seen between the rear of the house and the evergreen bushes, also covered in light snow. A brick chimney can be seen standing upright above the house’s steep roof. This building was once a railway station on the old Essex line that ran from Essex Junction out to Lamoille. It was torn down in 1938, and has since been restored as a home. The building’s surrounding landscape has, since the original photo (dating to the late 1800s), seen a dramatic increase in trees. An entire deciduous forest now exists in the expanse behind the house, where there was once open plain. Richard Workman writes on 2013-04-26: This building is the original station. It was sold to private ownership when the B & L Railroad CVR-owned)ceased to operate in the late 1930's but was never 'torn down in 1938'. I participated in its exterior renovation in the 1990's during its complete interior /exterior restoration for use as a private home.
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David Dyke
David Dyke
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