These scrapbook vignettes highlight sets of topical photos in pdf and PowerPoint (ppt) formats as well as short Quicktime (mov) and Flash (swf) movies (click on frames to advance). Students created these scrapbooks as part of class assignments. See also Modules, PowerPoints.

Where Have All the Forests Gone? A History of Deforestation in Vermont
by Charles Dabritz (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Here Lie the Bodies: A Look at Vermont's Cemeteries and their Place in the Landscape
by Joan Alexander (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Common Space: A Photo-journey Through the Towns and Villages of the Northeast Kingdom
by Jonathan Merrow (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

An Uphill Town Underwater: The Flood that Made History in Sharon, Vermont
by Gregory Baldwin (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

The Sweet Stuff: Maple Syrup in Our Past, Present, and Future
by Barbara Snelling (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

The Lake Champlain Islands: Vermont's Historic Island Paradise
by Christian Shumway (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

The University of Vermont: The Landscape and Humans Together
by Brad Campbell (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Montpelier: Capitol Village
by Eric Grove (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

View to a Mill: the Mills of Burlington and Winooski
by Katie Gallagher (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Covered Bridges: from My Side To Yours
by Emily Rehmeyer (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Maplemont: The Sugar Maple Tree Industry of Vermont
by Eileen Stoner (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Damming the Winooski River Watershed: an Historic Look Back
by Craig Bunten (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Snow: the effects it has on Vermonters
by Jessie Peters (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

You Can't Get There From Here: the Coming of the Interstates to Vermont
by Nancy Columb (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Main Streets: Then and Now
by Aly Fox (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Skiing: Tracks Through Three Vermont Mountains
by Christine Hertz (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Gone Hunting: A Look at Vermont's Heritage
by Kelly Koetsier (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

The West Coast of Vermont: The History and Evolution of the Burlington Waterfront
by Claire Leonard (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

The History of Trees on the UVM Campus: What can we learn by looking?
by Loona Brogan (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Lumberjacks: Harvesters of the Land or Environmental Visigoths
by Matt Kuhn (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Erosion: The Tree Connection
by Michala Peabody (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Camping in Vermont
by Marsh Gooding (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

The 1927 Flood
by Elizabeth Stanley-Mann (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

The Long Trail
by Aaron Shore (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Morgan Horse
by Caitlin Kincaid (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Vermont General Stores
by Christopher O'Donnell (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Nautical Vermont
by Christy Leonard (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Snow Removal
by Elyse Stiner (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Forests of Vermont
by Kyle Adelman (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Main Street Burlington
by Khurram Malghani (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

The Expansion of UVM from 1791 to 2007
by Matthew Meikleham (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Mud Season
by Tacia Eriksen (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Winooski in the 1927 Flood
by Raleigh Caruso (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

The Vermont Church
by David Dyke (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

Barre: History of a Vermont Granite Town
by Maartje L. K. Melchiors (pdf) (ppt) (mov) (swf)

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