Oakledge Park Interpretive Signboards (downloads)

These interpretive signboards were created by Governor's Institutes of Vermont high school students and staff between 2003 and 2006 for Oakledge Park along Burlington's waterfront. They will download as large-format posters in pdf format.

Poster #1: More than Meets the Eye Introductory mosaic of the park's history. 2.7 MB
Poster #2: A Familiar Site Landscape change and land-use changes. 1.9 MB
Poster #3: History on the Rocks Geologic history of the park. 1.8 MB
Poster #4: The Lost Resort Resort life. 2.2 MB
Poster #5: Fun and Games Historical recreational uses of the park. 1.5 MB
Poster #6: A Manor for All Seasons History of the Webb family manor. 1.6 MB
Poster #7: Oakledge "Hay" Day History of the Webb farm and barns. 1.6 MB
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