These learning modules are designed to look at a specific group of photos within our larger collection, adding context and interpretation. Modules have been designed by various staff people and students and may not be consistent with the rest of the LCP site. See also PowerPoints, Scrapbooks.

"Learning Landscapes" Rivers Curriculum. This site is an on-line modular curriculum that uses historic images related to rivers and hillslopes. Developed for teaching Geomorphology course under NSF support.
1927 Flood Aerial Photos. This set of aerial photos was taken days after the 1927 flood. The reshoots, taken in 2004, document monumental changes in Vermont's landscape.
Interstate Highways. In 1958, the Interstate Highway came to Vermont, changing the state in many ways. Here you can learn more about those impacts and see images of the Interstate during and after construction.
Vermont in the Civil War. See images of Vermonters who served in the Union Army and of the one civil war battle that took place here in the state!
Oakledge Park History. This site chronicles the history of Oakledge Park in Burlington from its roots as a Webb Family house, to resort, and then community park.
Oakledge Park Interpretive Signs. These interpretive signboards were created by Governor's Institutes of Vermont high school students and staff. (Downloads)
Shelburne Landscape Change. This site looks at the history of the town of Shelburne, interweaving ancient geologic stories with more current natural and cultural history.
Dating Photos. This tutorial shows how to use the historic context of photos to date images of unknown age. Created by an Historic Preservation expert.
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