Downloading and Using Images

Copyright Issues

These images belong to a variety of organizations. When searching for photos, you'll see that the organization who owns or holds the photo is listed under each image beside the word "Source". Rights to these images are strictly protected. Whether you're using these images in a digital form (shown on a screen) or printed form, the image still belongs to the source organization. Respect their rights to these images. Please contact the source organization to use these images by checking the list in our Copyright section.

For any photo that has a source other than those posted on our copyright page, please email the Landscape Change Program.

For EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES any image may be displayed and used as a learning tool and field copies may be printed for use while rephotographing historic images.

How do I save images?

Those wishing to save and print low resolution versions of the photos for use in reshooting the historic photos or as part of a class project can do so, PC users can right click on an image and "Save Picture As." Mac users should go to the file menu and "Save Picture As."

Image Quality

Photos on this website are shown at screen resolution. That means that the printed version is of a significantly lower quality than what appears on the screen of a computer. To access full quality digital versions or the actual print, please contact the source organization. See our Copyright page for the list of sources.

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