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A bike racer rides under a banner
This image appears to be from a bike race and shows a male bike racer passing directly underneath a banner with spectators watching on either side. The rider is in the forefront of the image slightly offset on the left. He is wearing a light-colored helmet, a long sleeved shirt, and dark shorts. He is riding a mountain bike without suspension. The banner under which he rides reads "Onion River Sports, Montpelier, Vermont" (a likely race sponsor). There appears to be a climb leading up to the banner and there are two more riders/racers approaching the banner behind the first rider (one on either side). The horizon line where the terrain slopes downwards cuts their bodies off at halfway. Both riders are wearing light-colored helmets. There are spectators on either side of the mowed trail on which the bikers ride. The spectators are wearing long pants and light jackets. At least eight people are visible lining the left side and three are visible on the right (one far away from the camera and two much closer in the foreground). The closer male spectator who is fully visible on the right of the image wears a large fanny pack on his left side and holds a large camera with a big flash apparatus to his face. Just behind this male spectator is a tall sign post with five individual signs attached to it. From top to bottom they read as follows: "Lake Loop", "Murphy's Field", "S", "Bailey Hazen", "Ruthies Run". The terrain slopes up again behind the three bike riders in the background and is covered in evergreen and deciduous trees (that appear to still have leaves on them). There's a light-colored car, a bus, a camper trailer, and a windowless shack located in a clearing on the hillside. There is also a telephone pole with a cylindrical box attached near the top. At the base of the pole holding up the banne,r on the right side of the image, is some taller grass, some dried milkweed seed pods, and a small triangular flag, attached to thin pole, poking up out of the grass. This photo may be from late summer or autumn due to the clothing on the spectators, the seed pods, and the leaves on the deciduous trees. Photo is black and white so difficult to determine the weather, but there are no shadows present indicating it might be cloudy.
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Craftsbury Outdoor Center
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Kaitlynn Miller
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HP Elitedesk 800 desktop computer, CanoScan LiDE 90 scanner
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Caitlin Patterson
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