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Bridge in Jamaica
1910 - 1940
This black and white photograph captures a bridge over what may be the West River in Jamaica. The river enters the foreground of the image, passes beneath the bridge, and disappears into the background. The narrow riverbed is covered with rock and boulders, and the banks of the river are thickly vegetated with large shrubs and mature, leafy deciduous trees. The wooden bridge, which is supported by a wooden pier and stone abutments, passes over the river at the midground of the image. A wood-frame, gable-roof building, seemingly a barn, sits atop a high stone foundation along the left side of the river. A two-story, wood-frame dwelling, which is topped with a gable roof and brick chimneys, is located amid the thick foliage on the right side of the river. A couple modest outbuildings are also scattered on the right bank of the river. Utility wires pass over the river at the center of the image. Another farm complex is faintly visible in an open field in the background. Forested mountains rise in the distance. The thick foliage suggest the season is summer. This photograph was taken by a photographer for the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. and contributed to the Landscape Change Program by the Penobscot Marine Museum, located in Searsport, ME. Eastern Illustrating was a postcard company located in Belfast, ME that took thousands of photographs throughout New England and upstate New York between 1909 and the 1950s. To order a print of this image or to learn more about the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company Collection visit our website: email:
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Earth Materials; Barns; Boulders; Bridge approaches; Bridges; Bridges,Wooden; Buildings; Chimneys; Culture; Deciduous; Dwellings; Earth Materials; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Excavation; Farm buildings; Forests and Plants; Geology; Hills; Human Constructs; Landforms; Landscapes; Living Things; Mountains; Nature; Outbuildings; Plants; Rapids; Retaining walls; Riparian plants; Rivers; Roads; Rocks; Rural; Rural roads; Season; Sediments (Geology); Shade trees; Shrubs; Stone walls; Stone walls and Fences; Summer; Time; Trees; Village communities; Wooden-frame buildings;
Penobscot Marine Museum
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company
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Elizabeth André
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Glass Negative
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Canon LIDE60, G4 Powerbook
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Paul Bierman
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company
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