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Argo Hotel
1919 - 1926
This black and white photograph captures a small commercial district in Arlington. A packed dirt road cuts diagonally across the foreground of the image; the road is slightly humped to prevent water from collecting on the surface. A slightly overgrown patch of grass grows along the near side of the road, in the lower left corner, and a row of wood-frame buildings lines the far side. Located at the right side of the photograph, partially cut off by the edge of the image, is a large, two-and-one-half-story, gable-roof, wood-frame building that appears to have been constructed around the mid-19th century in the Greek Revival style. A first-story porch has been enclosed and houses a small store and the Arlington Post Office. A large window at the right end of the first story displays various sundry items in neat stacks. Shelves of goods can also be seen along the interior wall of the store. A striped awning is raised up over the store window. The post office is located at the left end of the first story. A metal mailbox hangs on the facade of the post office. A poured-concrete sidewalk, with a high curb, fronts the building. Separating the store and post office from the large building to the left is a small, dirt alleyway. Scrap wood is piled in a small heap at the back of the driveway, and a mature, deciduous tree stands at the edge of the driveway. The large building to the left of the alleyway is the Argo Hotel. The hotel is a very large, three-story, hipped-roof, wood-frame building. A decorative, two-story porch spans the facade. Wood chairs provide seating for hotel guests along the porch. Plants grow in window boxes outside some of the facade windows. A sign with a bell posted on the right side of the building indicates a telephone is available within. A dirt sidewalk runs along the front of the hotel and is lined with several, mature, deciduous trees. A typical 1920s-era automobile, with a hard top, is parked at the front of the hotel. The license plate affixed to the front fender indicates the image was likely taken between 1921 and 1926. The tree-lined sidewalk that runs in front of the large hotel continues along the remainder of the street past several wood-frame dwellings. The dwellings are largely obscured by the tree canopy; however, they all appear to have entry porches along their facades. Utility wires pass across the top edge of the image. The thick foliage suggests a summer season. This photograph was taken by a photographer for the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co. and contributed to the Landscape Change Program by the Penobscot Marine Museum, located in Searsport, ME. Eastern Illustrating was a postcard company located in Belfast, ME that took thousands of photographs throughout New England and upstate New York between 1909 through the 1950s. To order a print of this image or to learn more about the Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company Collection visit our website: email: Christopher Weakley writes on 2016-11-11: This photo is mislabeled. The building in the center is the Arlington House Hotel. There was no such place as the Argo Hotel (unless that was a local nickname). Bill Budde writes on 2020-08-05: The view is Main Street in Arlington, Vermont, now known as Vermont Route 7A. The building on the right was Howard's Store and house a general store, the post office on the left side, and the Red Mountain Masonic Lodge upstairs. The inn is the Arco Inn, not 'Argo,' and was owned by the Arlington Refrigerator Company from 1920 through 1929.
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The Argo, Arlington, Vt. 1.
Automobiles; Buildings; Central business districts; Commercial buildings; Culture; Deciduous; Dwellings; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Forests and Plants; Hotels; Human Constructs; Landscapes; Living Things; Nature; Public buildings; Roads; Roads, Earth; Season; Shade trees; Sidewalks; Summer; Time; Transportation; Trees; Village communities; Wooden-frame buildings;
Penobscot Marine Museum
Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company
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