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Winooski after Urban Renewal
This is a photograph depicting Winooski looking North West. The picture is taken from right in front of one of Winooski's mill buildings. In the front of the picture a black fence denotes the end of the sidewalk present in front of this mill. In front of the fence is a small grassy hill that leads up to the street section that is part of the new roundabout. Main street is to the left of the picture where you can see a white and then a red building. At the top of the picture is a red brick building that appears to be on the other end of the roundabout. To the left you see the new spinner place apartments. There is a little vegetation present in the picture. However, the trees you can see do not yet have leaves because it is the beginning of Spring. There appear to be approximately 5 or 6 trees in the courtyard that is in the middle of the roundabout. The grass is a little bit patchy suggesting it may have been covered recently or freshly planted. One of the main differences between this photograph and the previous one is the point of view. The first photograph was taken from a view higher up. However, currently there is no access to the floors of the mill where the photograph may have been taken. In addition, there is no more construction and instead of dirt, construction vehicles, and orange cones there is new trees, grass, and fences.
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Elyse Stiner
Elyse Stiner
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Elyse Stiner
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