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Aerial of Fort Ethan Allen
This historic aerial photograph is of Fort Ethan Allen in Colchester. The fort appears to be broken up in to three separate sections, the green, the town, and the large industrial buildings. The green is located close to Route 15, and can be seen as broad, long and covered in grass. This green is bordered on all sides by a mix of conifer and deciduous trees, however it is also bordered by brick townhouses. These townhouses begin the second section of the fort, which is the town section. Large brick townhouses, and smaller church buildings and military training areas characterize this section. It is located in the middle of the photograph. Behind the "town" lie the Old Barracks and large industrial buildings, which at one time probably were used for the manufacturing of weapons and food for the forts soldiers. These buildings are characterized by their large size, and their warehouse look and design. This section of the fort also has the most parking lots and areas suggesting that the buildings are still used for production or manufacturing purposes. A large radio tower is located behind one of the larger buildings. Besides on the green the fort is relatively free of trees, however some large trees can be seen w working their way in to the area from the left side of the photograph. Around the fort the towns of Colchester and Essex are visible, and characterized by small dwellings and industrial buildings. On the top of the photograph the Winooski River and its flood plain can be seen. Season autumn. For more information on Fort Ethan Allen check out
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