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Christian Street
This historic Collamer Abbott photograph shows a sunny cow pasture and farm next to a road. In the foreground on the right side of the photograph sits a farm machine for tossing hay, on the left are two deciduous trees. In the middle of the foreground are tall grasses. The middle ground is a wood and wire fenced cow pasture with two cows grazing. In the pasture are a few large rocks and two utility poles. The pasture rises to meet a dirt road on the left lined with utility poles. In the background of the photograph are a garage, a white house with a chimney and another building of which only two windows are visible. A truck is parked in front of the garage. A small mound of earth with new plant growth hides part of the house. A deciduous and coniferous forest recedes into the distance on hills. On the opposite side of the road is a field with a few illegible signs along the road. The field rises gently and a few buildings are visible in between the trees. A person is walking through the field towards the road. Past the field in the distance there is another field surrounded by more deciduous and coniferous forest. The season is summer.
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Christian Street 1950
Nature; Agricultural machinery; Agriculture; Alpine regions; Animals; Buildings; Cattle; Chimneys; Conifers; Culture; Dairy Cattle; Dairy farmers; Dairy farming; Deciduous; Dwellings; Ecosystems; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Farm buildings; Farmers; Forests and Plants; Garages; Geology; Grassland plants; Haying equipment; Hills; Human Activity; Human Constructs; Landforms; Landscapes; Living Things; Machinery; Meadows; Men; Nature; Pasture plants; Pastures; People; Plants; Roads; Roads,Earth; Rural; Rural roads; Season; Stone walls and Fences; Streets; Summer; Time; Traffic signs and signals; Trees; Wire fencing; Women; Wood poles; Wooden fences; Wooden-frame buildings; Work;
Hartford Historical Society
Collamer Abbott
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Amanda Sawicki
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