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Aerial View of White River Junction
This image shows an aerial view of White River Junction. A paved four-way intersection is visible in the foreground. The roads are lined with deciduous trees, utility lines and poles, and sidewalks. Stop signs and automobiles are visible along the roads as well as several houses. There are wood framed dwellings, brick dwellings, gas stations, and commercial properties. The town sits on a floodplain at the base of a terrace. A recreational field is near the intersection at the center of town. To the far right of the intersection there is a two-rail railway along the edge of the image. Adjacent to these railroad tracks are various commercial properties. This floodplain is boarded by a river visible on the lower left corner that appears to have severely eroded banks. The riparian zone is composed of deciduous trees, and some meadow variety plant species. In the background, a terraced hill towers above the town, upon which sits a large brick building, roads, and a few small agricultural farms. One side of the hill sand and gravel is being excavated; a steam shovel is visible at the base of this quarry. There appear to be large billboards adjacent to the quarry next to the road. The season is most likely summer.
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Hartford Historical Society
Henry De Wolfe
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Corey Coutu
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Aerial Photograph
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