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Aerial Image at beginning of Interstate Construction
This oblique aerial photograph shows an area in Burlington just before the building of Interstate 89. We believe that Williston road cuts across the image and at the lower left are the houses off of Spear street. Note the extensively cleared fields for farming, the patches of treed areas around the houses, and the sand pit in the background. Also note the relatively flat topography of the area, and the few elm trees in the center field. See database for similar images. Jim Mongeon writes on 2007-01-15: This is Williston Rd across the top portion. Starting at the left, the buildings with the cupolas was a farm that was purchased to become the Sheraton Cupola Resort (now the Sheraton Conference Ctr). Across Williston Rd was Gaynes, one of the area's first discount shopping stores (now Staples Plaza) The pit in the lower left was the quarry, later becoming the Quarry Hill area. I 89 was built from lower left to upper center taking out the roadway leading to the quarry. The Dorset St. intersection is at the upper right of the photo. Pete Chagnon writes on 2010-06-07: During this time, there was a massive explosion caused by a kid shooting into a shed of dynamite, which was for the construction. There was one survivor. The explosion blew windows out in a wide area of Burlington and was felt as far away as North Street.
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