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Dirt Road with Steep Banks
Back reads, "Randolph-Bethel." The photo shows a dirt road heading down a gradual slope towards a valley with houses. A steep banks of the road appear to have been recently landscaped and look like stratified fine grain (glacial lake) sediment overlain by a meter or so of sand or gravel (this is likely a river terrace). Electrical lines follow along the road towards the houses in the valley with a few fields on either side of the road. Steep forested slopes in the background. Stefanie Lane (wq1962005) writes about LS05795_000.jpg 2005-1-6: This image shows a well-constructed dirt road with steep banks on its edges. There are no people in the photograph, and it appears to be a sunny day just after a large rain storm. The edges of the road look saturated with water and are muddy, and the road also appears to glimmer as if it is wet. To the right of the image there is a very large bank that appears to be eroding. There are some short shrubs at the top of the hill and the Earth has washed down the side of the bank and into the road in what appears to be a small landslide. To the left there are shorter embankments showing erosion as well. There are also electric lines, poles, and towers. Finally, there is also a smaller path on the left that leads onto the main road. In the background there are mountains, hills, and valleys. There are clumps of trees, and trees without leaves line the background of the photograph. The rain and lack of leaves indicate the beginning of spring.
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Buildings; Culture; Dwellings; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Erosion; Geology; Hills; Human Constructs; Landforms; Mountains; Nature; Roads; Roads,Earth; Roads--Guard fences; Soil erosion; Stone walls and Fences; Surface Processes
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