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Aerial of Route 2, Railroad Tracks, and the Winooski River
The photo shows the beginning construction of Interstate 89 near the Winooski River and the railroad. An abandoned river bed winds through where the railroad has been constructed. Road building machinery is in a pasture in the foreground and a crane is along Route 2. A bank on the left is severely eroded and snow is in patches near edges of fields. Don Valentine writes on 2005-3-9: My Lord! Two to one says this is in Middlesex, on the Montpelier side near the intersection of Rt. #2 and the Barnet Hill Rd. If I am correct it is very near were Rt. #2 now passes over both the railroad and the interstate on an overpass that is in the middle of an S-curve. It would be just out of the photo at the bottom had it been there then. Charlie Morrell, who was one of the Central Vermont Rwy's track people had special folding whistle posts made for the grade crossing that preceded the underpass but occasionally had to be used in the spring when the underpass was flooded. The rest of the time they just folded in half so locomotive engineers were not required to blow the whistle when the old crossing was not in use. I can remember that big white house well but there was also a large barn that must have been torn down before the photo was taken. Given the fact that my uncle's firm was the prime contractor on this section of interstate that may even be some of his equipment in the photo! Skip Flanders writes on 2009-12-04: Mr. Valentine is correct on his location of this photo. It shows US Route 2 between Middlsex and Montpelier with the old Wilder railroad underpass in lower edge of the photo. This underpass would flood with heavy rains and vehicle traffic would be routed over the rr tracks and return to Rt 2 between the house and the RR in the lower left hand side of the photo. This bypass road can be seen other phots of this section. Kathryn Beaudry writes on 2009-01: Route 2 passes over the railway and highway south of the property heading to Montpelier. Kathryn Estey Beaudry writes on 2013-10-03: This is my great Aunt Nora’s former house in the foreground of the photo, right near the railroad tracks. The same one that was in the 1927 Flood which is pictured in Kenneth Estey’s photos on this site. It was the called the Elm Farm. I do not know who owned it at the time it was demolished for the highway. We hiked along the railroad tracks a few yrs back and a couple of the elms were still standing, but dead. The highway now runs directly over where the house was. The barn, I heard, burned at some point.
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