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Hill behind Horace Moxley's
1860 - 1900
This photo shows a small pasture in front of a barn and an outbuilding. The pasture is sparsely vegetated with patches of dirt exposed. Some chickens can be seen in this pasture. The barn is wooden, including the roof. There is a bay to the left that may house farm equipment. To the right is a roofed area that is full of stacked firewood. You can see the frame of the structure. The small simple outbuilding has one window and a door that is afar. There is a pile of wood in front. There is a row of hedges I between the barn and outbuilding. Directly behind these buildings is a steep, cleared, eroding slope. The erosion is most evident in a concave area directly behind the buildings. This area may have been quarried for sand or gravel. Esther Munroe Swift writes on 2005-1-13: This image can be dated pretty closely by Hamilton Chil's Gazetteer & Business Directory for Orange County, c.1888, which lists Horace Moxley as having a farm of 245 acres & 400 sugar trees; also another farm of 84 acres with Seth Moxley; both on road 59. Note the barren hillside with much erosion & little vegation, with trees only on top of the steep hill; also ducks & geese in yard and what looks like a field of corn rear back between buildings.
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Cleared hill. Photo quality.
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