View of Mill Set on River with Covered Bridge
The historic image shows a town in a river valley with surrounding hills. In the foreground is an open pasture with boulders and a few fruit trees bordered by a wooden fence. The pasture is followed by a crop field. There are buildings along the riverbank, including some homes and a larger, multi-story industrial building with a smokestack. A wooden covered bridge crosses the river and a dam is visible to the left of the bridge. The riparian zone is mostly bare and erosion is visible on the far bank of the river. A fenced road runs along the top of the far bank where there are numerous homes and what appear to be a few commercial buildings on a river terrace. The hillside beyond the town is almost entirely cleared with only a few trees and houses. A forest is visible at the top of the hill. Esther Munroe Swift writes on 2005-4-27: This view taken from the New Hampshire side of the Connecticut River shows the mill built by the Wilder brothers of Boston who acquired the water rights in the village then known as Olcott. They built a large paper mill and a dam over the Connecticut. One of the brothers made his home in the village & became much interested in making improvements. When he died his will stated that his estate would pay for a bridge over the Connecticut if the name of the village was changed to Wilder.The Hartford town records show that at a town meeting in 1898 the town voted unanimously in favor of the change. That year both the village & postal names were changed to Wilder & Mr. Wilder\'s bridge was built. It stood until sometime in the 1950\'s when it was removed to make way for the Wilder Dam.
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