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Appleton Property Between Fairlee and Bradford

Appleton Property Between Fairlee and Bradford
This black and white photograph looks northwest over the Appleton property, which is located near the future site of I-91 construction between Fairlee and Bradford. A paved highway extends up the left edge of the image. Utility poles line the highway. A car drives up the road in the background. A gravel driveway road extends off the right side of the highway in the foreground of the image. A road sign for Vermont Route 25 is posted on a small patch of grass at the intersection of the roads. A large pasture sprawls out beyond the intersection. A crop field spreads out beyond the pasture. Several barns and farm buildings are scattered on the on the far side of the farm fields. Forested hills and mountains rise in the distance. The season is summer. John Adams writes on 2014-01-14: The road to the right is Old creamery Rd. In front of this photo is Exit 16 in Bradford off I-91 In the distance is now present day Appleton Rd. which was Waits Road before being bypassed. There is a pump station at the end of this open area on the westside of the interstate where this road is used to service it. This image is in Bradford near the future Exit 16. Road to the right is Old Cremery Rd near Plateu Acres. The section of road beyond this is now Appleton Rd. Rte. 25 was widened and rerouted to its current location when I-91 was under construction up to Bradford a year after this photo was taken. John Adams writes on 2014-05-27: This image and the one next to it are in the town of Bradford not Fairlee to the south. John Adams writes on 2014-06-03: This photo is less than a mile west of the Jct. of 5&25 Please verify and correct this location. Appleton Rd. is the current name of Old 25 still visible to this day where it goes onto 25B which is South Main St. US 5 south of the falls on the Waits River is known as the Lower Plain to the Fairlee town line. Up above the village from Fairground Rd. to the Newbury town line it is known as the upper Plain. There is a Bradford and Newbury NH that connect one another in Merrimack County.
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Appleton, K.W., P.L., W.G., K.A., Fairlee - Bradford I 91 - 2 (15) See 20845- B14- 2+60 TH 27, 18LT, looking NW
Work; Wood poles; Trees; Transportation; Traffic signs and signals; Time; Summer; Sediments (Geology); Season; Sand; Rural roads; Rural; Rocks; Roads,Paved; Roads,Gravel; Roads; Plants; Pasture plants; Nature; Mountains; Meadows; Living Things; Landscapes; Landforms; Human Constructs; Human Activity; Grassland plants; Geology; Forests and Plants; Field Crops; Farming; Electric lines--Poles and towers; Ecosystems; Earth Materials; Driveways; Deciduous; Culture; Conifers; Buildings; Automobiles; Agriculture;
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Donald Weidenmayer with T. Christiansen
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