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View of Main Street
This photograph shows a view of Main Street in Middlebury. In the immediate foreground there is the paved Main Street with cars driving up and down it. Off to the left, there are several brick and stone commercial buildings. On the first brick store there is a street sign pointing down off to the left to the “Frog Hollow District,” “Otter Creek Falls” and “Mill St.” There are a few store signs visible. The first reads “Glass Bead Game” Further down, written on a green awning is “Vermont’s Own Gifts Maple Syrup.” Past that is “The Gilded Cage” and way down the street is “Wild Mountain Thyme.” There is a green banner stretched high above Main Street that reads “Middlebury Farmers Market, Marble Works Wed & Sat 9-12:30.” There are a few brick buildings on the right hand side of the street. The far building is the Battell block building. There is a street sign that hangs on the first brick building and points down and to the right to “Bakery Ln.” On the first brick building there are two stores’ signs. One reads “Fine Jewelry & Gifts Autumn Gold” and the other reads “Bimini Bills Your Hair Resort.” There are several pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. There appear to be a group of tourists clustered around the stone Battell Bridge on the left hand side of the street. Throughout Main Street there are several lampposts, street signs, and floral arrangements, including baskets. There is a utility line that runs across Main Street. In back right is the Middlebury Congregational Church. It is a two-story building with a large steeple and spire. On the steeple there is a clock, cross, and weathervane. Behind the church there is a small arboreal hill. There are many leafy deciduous trees visible. The season is summer. Throughout the eighty or so years between pictures, Main Street in Middlebury has not changed all that much. Thought the businesses have probably changed several times, most of the buildings remain where they once were.The Battell bridge and Battell block buildings still stand exactly the same, except for the turret atop the Battell building. Where did the turret go? Interestingly, the turret was taken down after the Hurricane of 1950. Another noticeable difference is that there are no longer the large utility poles that once ran down the left side of the road. Finally and obviously, Main Street has been paved.
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Jamie Russell
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