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Farm Buildings

Farm Buildings
This photograph shows three old barn buildings. They are all different shades of gray made of wooden slabs. The building on the left is slightly hidden by thin trees with many branches as well as vines climbing the side onto the light gray roof. On the right the building is gray as well with a red roof. The slabs of wood run downwards instead of across like the building on the left. The roof extends to the right of this building in black covering an extension of the building, which has broken windows on the right side that travels back toward the background. The middle window has been boarded up with plywood. Some of the roof slabs are rusted where the red part of the roof connects to the black part of the roof. In between these two building we see a part of a board that has a white deck and the bottom is a hunter green on the top and a brick red on the bottom which is resting on a small boat trailer. In the background is the largest building which slabs of wood also run up and down. There is an attic window and a small window on the second floor. There are a few trees you can see the tip of to the right of the largest building and just over the top of the red roofed building on the right. In the foreground of this photograph you see green grass covered in hay and then green grass with a few brown patches here and there. On the right is a bare tree from the harsh winter months. These may be on or near Shelburne Farms.
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Tabatha Maher
Tabatha Maher
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