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Aerial Reshoot
This image shows an aerial view of parts of Bellows Falls, Vermont and North Walpole, New Hampshire. The photograph was taken from Fall Mountain. The Connecticut River meanders in between these two towns. Bellows is located on the left side of the image. A train station can be seen in the center of the image with many boxcars. Also in the center of the image is a fuel yard with clusters of yellow fuel tanks and fuel trucks. The beginning of the Bellows Falls canal can be seen in the upper left corner. There is a dam in the upper portion of the image. The river is much wider and has no rapids above the dam. Bellow the damn rocky river banks and rapids can be seen. There are four bridges seen spanning the river. One large bridge crosses above the dam, one train bridge at the dam, one train bridge over the falls, and a motor vehicle bridge at the falls. At the bottom of the image is another train yard, which can be seen through trees in the foreground. In the upper right corner of the image is the village of North Walpole, New Hampshire. It is spring and the trees are beginning to bud. The dam and canal cannot be seen in the historic image. All of the covered bridges in the historic image have been converted to concrete and metal bridges. The large bridge above the dam does not appear in the historic photograph. Paved roads have replaced the numerous dirt roads. The very large building on the left side of the image, called the Island House, is no longer there. North Walpole is a large field in the historic photograph and is now a thickly settled village. John Adams writes on 2014-06-05: The road in the lower part of this photo is Rte. 12 It crosses into Vermont from Claremont NH to Ascutney in the town of Weathersfield and follows Rte. 5 to Hartland. Ascutney is about 17 miles north of Bellows Falls.
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Matt Kuhn
Matt Kuhn
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