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Aerial Photograph of the Winooski River

Aerial Photograph of the Winooski River
The current photograph shows the same area with substantial development. The bridges have been replaced and several large buildings and parking lots have been added to the area alongside the river. There is also a golf course on a terrace above the river. The areas that haven't been developed have reforested. Loona Brogan writes on 2006-9-6: These two images show the Montpelier Country Club and farms, forests, houses and roads around it. It's good to remember that this is just after a severe weather eventflooding, as the erosion on the hillside is particularly severe in the early photo. It appears that the earth here has healed since then. The stages of reforestation one can see in the early to later photos give a great example of farm fields being taken over again by trees. If one examines the lines of vegetative change in the old photo, one can see that there were farmed fields as well as acreage that might be pasture or hay fields. The area in the upper right, which in the newer photo is reforested, appears to recently be returning to forest. Look at the newer forest up close: a younger canopy is hinted at in the smaller, less definite shapes. The appearance of varieties appears to be rather mirrored in the newer grow with the historic forest on the right side. Notice on further inspection, though, how the field that has reforested in the upper right corner of the new image is mostly conifer pine and spruce, most likelywhile the reforested areas on the left side of the new image show more deciduous trees, with the conifers that do appear either much younger or of a different species than the ones on the right. What caused this difference? It could have been a seed year for pines the year the right side field was left to reforest, or perhaps the forest on the left was intentionally managed to regenerate hardwoods. Skip Flanders writes on 2014-08-10: This photo shows the junction of USRt 2 and USRt 302 at location of the former Walker Motors Ford Garage. In the lower half of the photo between Rt 2 and the Winooski River you can see the circular tank of the former coal gasification plant service the City of Montpelier. The site was recently used as a lumber dealer now a car storage lot.
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Jens Hilke
Jens Hilke
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