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Birds Eye view of Winooski River and Mills
This is a picture of a birds eye view over the Winooski river and Winooski’s mill district. The Winooski river is in the bottom half of this picture. In front of the river are a couple trees that have no quite gotten their spring leaves. Not far beyond the river bank lay the beginning of the mill buildings. The first one as a green roof and is dark red brick. To the right of that building is another that is hidden by the trees but is also dark red brick with a taupe colored roof. Behind these two central buildings is lots of vegetation; most of which has its spring leaves. Mixed in with this vegetation are houses, more mills, and other buildings. None of them are clearly visible but it is clear there are many different styles and colors. There is also a large smoke stack behind the two buildings and two church steeples in the distance. The new picture and the original almost look like completely different pictures. However, if you look in the distance, in both pictures, the identical church steeples are visible in the background. In the modern picture the water is much higher and covers all of the islands visible in the original. Furthermore, the original depicts houses on the closer bank but the new river pattern does not allow for those today. The mills seemed to have changed and it seems like the mill district today has been heavily downsized from its original state. There is smoke hovering in the air in the original while in the re-shoot the air looks clean and clear.
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Elyse Stiner
Elyse Stiner
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