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Barre Montpelier Rd. Doby's Bridge

Barre Montpelier Rd. Doby's Bridge
1904 - 1914
The historic image shows houses and farm buildings on cleared rolling hills. There is a grassy, open field in the foreground of the image. A dirt road runs along the bottom of the hill and passes through a covered, wooden bridge near the center of the photograph. Electric lines run alongside the road. There are large piles of lumber and sediment to the right of the bridge. There is also a recently clear-cut hill with stumpwood on the right side of the photograph. The houses and farm buildings are visible on terraces just beyond the covered bridge. Esther Munroe Swift writes on 2007-01-10: George Ranney Bosworth was one a large family, most of whom lived in Berlin. He, however, made his home in Northfield and took many images in the Northfield, Barre, Berlin & Montpelier areas. Many of his photos are now housed in the Vermont Historical Society in Barre, VT. His grave is in the Berlin Corner cemetery, along with many of his other Bosworth relatives. Richard W. Turner writes on 2008-01-27: This photo was taken looking easterly along a portion of the Barre-Montpelier Road in the town of Berlin. The lumber piles are near the vicinity of the present day Steak House Restaurant. The covered bridge in the center of the picture is a railroad covered bridge of either the Montpelier-Wells River Railroad or the Central Vermont Railroad, both of which had a rail line running from Montpelier to Barre. The bridge spans the Stevens Branch of the Winooski River. The photo was indeed taken by George Ranney Bosworth. George was born in Berlin, grew up in Berlin and spent most of his adult life there. He did not live in Northfield as reported in the description of this photo. Shortly before his death in 1915, he moved from Berlin to Barre. He was a professional photographer and took most of his photographs between 1904 and 1914 so this would narrow the date of this picture to between those two dates. The Berlin Historical Society has an extensive collection of his photographs and details about his life. He was the subject of our contribution to the Vermont History Expo in 2002. Richard Turner, Secretary Berlin Historical Society
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Vermont Historical Society
George R. Bosworth
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Utility lines. Narrow, unpaved roads. Bosworth dates.
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