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City Hall Park
In this photo we see City Hall Park as viewed from the intersection of Saint Paul and Main Streets. In the foreground of the photo is a large concrete intersection of streets. In the bottom right corner we can see a sewage manhole as well as several cars driving on Main Street. In the center of the picture is the corner of City Hall Park, which is lined with concrete sidewalks. One sidewalk leads straight into the center of the park. The sidewalks are lined with small sections of stone and metal fences. There are lamp posts, street lamps, park benches, city signs, traffic lights, garbage cans, and pedestrians lining the sidewalks. There are a number of young to middle aged deciduous trees throughout the park, which have all just started to bud and grow leaves. The season is spring. Along the far edge of the park we can see a row of buildings. In the top right corner we see the steeple of the City Hall building, and a traffic light hanging above Main Street. Compared to the older photograph of this area, there has been much change. First of all, the horse-drawn carriages have been replaced with cars. The electrical pole and wires visible in the original photo are no longer present. Street signs, traffic lights, fences, lamp posts, street lamps, new trees, and park benches have all been added since the original photograph.
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Kyle Adelman
Kyle Adelman
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Kyle Adelman
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