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Bayside Bathing Beach & Boat Landing in Malletts Bay
1930 - 1945
The typed caption on this historic image reads, "Bayside Bathing Beach & Boat landing, Mallets Bay, Vt. On Lake Champlain." There is a small patch with tall grasses in the lower left corner of the image. In front of that is a strip of beach. Closest to the grass is a table with an orange top and a sunbather lying down towards the bottom of the image. Three rowboats are parked on the beach in the lower right part of the image. A group of people are surrounding the three boats, with what looks like two adults sharing a seat, a young girl to the far right looking at the water, someone sitting in a boat, and two boys playing in the back of the last boat. A woman is sitting on the front of the last boat and four small children are playing in the sand. Up the beach from this group is a lone sunbather on the beach, and three more rowboats are parked on the sand. The strip of beach ends at a boat launch. Behind the boat launch is a pier with a wooden footbridge leading out to a dock that extends into the water. A small floating dock is on the right middle side of the image with two people standing on it. There are many boats anchored throughout the bay, mostly behind the dock. The bay is enclosed by land that extends across the background. To the left side are a few buildings a dirt road that diverges and some cleared land. The remainder of the land is wooded with deciduous trees. The season is summer.
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Nancy Hayes
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