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Large Waterfall in Winooski
This is a picture taken from Salmon hole depicting the waterfall coming from the Winooski dam. In the left hand side of the picture you can see a dark red brick building with two sets of windows. In the right side of the picture there are two buildings. One is the new spinner place apartments and the one in front of the apartments is dark red brick and is cut off by the end of the picture. The waterfall is to the left side of the photograph and is surrounded by rocks and boulders. There is also a bridge over the river and the waterfall leading to the other side of the road. The river takes up the bottom third of the picture. It looks as though the photograph was taken on a partly cloudy day in early to mid spring. There is quite a bit of vegetation in the picture but only some of the trees have their leaves. The trees closest to the water are still missing leaves, while the ones further back in the picture (behind Spinner place) look like they are rather lush. This picture is from a different angle then its original because it seems as though some of the bank where the original picture was taken has eroded. However, it also looks like either the water is lower than it originally was or it is more controlled. Although it is difficult to see in this picture, the water is certainly not rushing like it was in the original.
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Elyse Stiner
Elyse Stiner
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