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Texaco and Tydol

The Texas Company formed in 1909 upon the discovery of oil in Texas and quickly grew into a major international oil company. In 1911, the company launched Texaco Automotive Gasoline. By 1926, Texaco spread across 46 states, including Vermont. The early Texaco logo, seen below, featured a large green T centered on a red star within a white circle. A thick red border with black lettering surrounded the white center.

1911 Logo 1911 Logo

In 1936, Texaco designed its popular Streamline Moderne station with rounded curves and enamel tile exterior. The company also adopted a new logo. The thick red border was reduced to a simple black border, the black border was removed from the red star, and the style of writing became more modern.

1936 Logo 1936 Logo

In 1962, Texaco again redesigned their station and logo. Their new stations more closely resembled traditional architectural forms, with low, sloping gable roofs and brick or wood exteriors. The new sign took on an elongated hexagonal form with the word Texaco in red lettering.

1962 Logo

In 1981, the company adopted their current logo. The simple red circle with white star and red T is seen on filling stations today.

1981 Log

Sometime around 1950, the Texas Company, which was also affiliated with Tide Water Associated, began marketing the Tydol trademark in Vermont.

1950 Tydol Logo 1950 Tydol Logo 1950 Tydol Logo

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