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Women's Hats

A number of hats and bonnets were fashionable for women in the 1880s.

Bonnets were revived during the 1880s. The 80s bonnet was extremely narrow and vertically oriented with no significant brim and trim that is high at the center of the front. Bonnets became increasingly exaggerated by the end of the decade. A variety of knit headgear was also available for women in the 1880s.

Large hats with modest brims persisted in the 1880s. A variety of shapes and styles were available, including the flat-top hat, the pork-pie hat, and the miniature derby. Some hats were plain and some were decorated with feathers and other frills. An assortment of women's hats are found in the images below.

1880s Women's Hat

1880s Women's Hat

1880s Women's Hat 1880s Women's Hat

1880s Women's Hats: Image courtesy of Joan L. Severa, Dressed for the Photographer: Ordinary Americans and Fashion, 1840-1900, 1995

Around 1887, an extremely tall felt hat is introduced. The new hat is tall with a flat, tapered crown and very little trim.

1880s Tall Felt Hat

1880s Tall Felt Hat: Image courtesy of Joan L. Severa

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