Digital archive of human-induced landscape change with k-16 students in Vermont MASSEY, Christine A., Education and Geology Departments,; MALLARD, Laura D., GSA Abstracts with Programs, vol. 32, no. 7. With NSF funding, we provide research experiences for Vermont high school students and teachers in an ongoing project that documents 150 years of human-induced landscape change in Vermont. Students locate and scan historic photographs depicting local landscapes and rephotograph the sites digitally. Students help create digital versions of their findings for the University of Vermont (UVM) "Digital Archive of Human-Induced Landscape Change," website ( The website houses a statewide database of historical/modern image pairs with text describing the historical context. The database is searchable by location within Vermont (town, county, and school) and also by geomorphic process responsible for landscape changes (landslide, flood, deforestation, etc.). Our work with Vermont students and teachers transfers easily to other parts of the world, and the digital archive remains a permanent record for future researchers. Pilot studies with two high schools provided 50 students and three teachers opportunities to investigate local Vermont landscapes in three counties and allowed us to hone the program. Summer research with a UVM undergraduate and a motivated high school student investigated another 67 towns in 14 counties. In the coming 2000-2001 school year, students from 16 more schools will participate, bringing the coverage to 50% of the towns in Vermont. At a culminating conference and poster session, over 300 students will showcase their research findings to their peers, teachers, and UVM faculty. Our work with teachers and K-16 students provides interdisciplinary opportunities to explore earth science, environmental science, historical research, geographic studies, creative writing, and the scientific method. The Vermont Framework of Standards and Learning Opportunities outlines these content and skill areas as a required part of the Vermont curriculum for high school students. The Vermont Framework also helped shape the teacher and student manuals we created for use with the classroom technology (GPs, digital cameras, scanners, and iMac computers)
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