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The UVM Wireless Network:
Configuring the iPod Touch/iPhone using iOS 5.1

If you are attempting to pre-configure support for the UVM wireless network using either your iPhone carrier's broadband network (i.e. AT&T 3G network) or a Wireless network outside of the UVM campus, please follow the directions on the following page:

If you cannot pre-configure your Apple mobile device, use the detailed instructions below...

From your iPhone "Home" screen, select the "Settings" application:

iPod/iPhone Home Screen

Locate and tap the "Wi-Fi"  settings option:

Settings.APP main screen

Verify that Wi-Fi is "ON", then locate and tap the network named "UVM".  If "UVM" is not available, you may not be in range of  an official UVM Wi-Fi access point.  Retry configuration once you have moved to a location with better wireless coverage:

WiFi Settings panel

You will be prompted to enter a Username and Password.  Use your personal UVM NetID and password in these fields:

Enter WiFI Credentials

You then will be prompted to verify the authenticity of the encryption certificate used by this service.  The certificate should contain the following information:

Name: radius.uvm.edu
Issuer: GeoTrust Global CA

If you wish to further verify the authenticity of the certificate (recommended), before tapping "Accept", tap the "More Details" option, then scroll down to the "Public Key Algorithm" section of the "Details" page:

iphone - Verify Cert - more details

Many details of the certificate will be truncated, but you should be able to verify the Issuer "Organization Name" of GeoTrust Inc. and the Serial Number 144470:

iphone - certificate signature

Return to the "Certificate" page by tapping the "Certificate" arrow, then tap "Accept" of the signature matched in the previous step:

If login to the access point succeeds, you will be returned to the "Wi-Fi Networks" page, and the check mark will be seen next to the "UVM" network:

WiFi Profile - Connected

You can verify that you have access to the Wi-Fi network by launching a networked application such as "Safari", then loading a page from the Internet:

Verify WiFi Connection using Safari

If you are unable to connect to the UVM Wi-Fi network, verify your username and password and try the procedure again.  Some network login problems appear to be related to network signal strength.  Try moving closer to the network access point then trying again. 

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