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Terms of Use

As a shared resource, and to ensure a clean, functional and productive environment, the following Terms of Use apply to all areas of the Waterman Computer Lab. Use of the lab implies agreement to these terms.

Before Class/Event
  1. Verify the lab reservation schedule to see that your event is properly reserved for the correct time and location.
  2. Check that the software you intend to use is installed and test it in advance to ensure it is working properly and to your expectation.
  3. Test the equipment you intend to use (projectors, printers, smart boards) and report any malfunctioning equipment to the Helpline.
During Class/Event
  1. Food and drink should not be consumed in the lab.
  2. Whenever possible, doors to the teaching classroms should be left open. Significant heat may be produced by working computers in an enclosed space. If noise levels during your instruction requires you to close the door, ensure it is left open upon exit to allow for temperature regulation.
  3. End your session on time; there may be a reservation for the space immediately proceeding your own.
After Class/Event
  1. Log out of all workstations.
  2. Shut off projector, if used.
  3. Return chairs under desks; if additional chairs were brought in, return them to their original location.
  4. Erase marker boards.
  5. Pick up any trash, papers, or other objects left behind and dispose of them in the appropriate waste container.

Failure to abide by the terms of use may result in future lab use being billed, or denial of future reservation requests. If you have any questions, requests or issues with the lab please submit them via this form.

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