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Lab Reservation Request for Non-class Events

Use this form to submit requests to reserve the 113-Q or 113-T teaching labs for non-class events. Reservation requests for regularly recurring university classes should use this form.

The general-purpose main lab is a walk-in resource and not reservable for events during academic semsters.

Reservation Agreement

By reserving a lab, you agree to abide by and enforce the Terms of Use and accept the following conditions:

  1. Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis*. Check the Reservation Schedules before submitting a request to ensure the space is available for the dates and times you want to reserve. Inflexible scheduling conflicts are to be resolved by the instructors and/or their respective Department Chairs or Deans. Account Services and Waterman Lab administrators will not arbitrate scheduling conflicts.
    • * University classes will always have scheduling priority over non-class events. Reservation requests for events will be processed after class requests, and confirmed reservations for events may be subject to reschedule if a class conflict occurs.
  2. Reservations are only accepted for the lab's normal hours of operation.
  3. Reservation requests for recurring classes must adhere to the time intervals set by the Registrar's Office Standard Meetings Pattern.
  4. Submission of this form does not guarantee a reservation. Reservation will only be completed when you receive a confirmation of your request at the email address you provide below.
  5. Use of the lab computers requires a valid UVM NetID or sponsored guest account.
  6. Note the lab's available software. If you require additional software, you are responsible for:
    • requesting the software at least one month in advance of your class or event start date to allow for the build, deployment, installation and testing of the software in the lab environment. Requests made less than one month in advance will try to be accommodated but cannot be guaranteed.
    • providing installation media or download links for the software to the lab administrators (when applicable).
    • paying for requested software or software licensing fees (when applicable).
  7. Announcements regarding lab updates and changes are made via the LAB-NEWS listserv. If you plan to use the lab regularly, consider subscribing to LAB-NEWS.

Reservation Details

Event Coordinator Name:
Event Coordinator Email Address (
Chart String:
Event Name:
Course Number (if applicable):
Number of Participants:
Which lab are you requesting? 113-Q (20 + 1 instructor station with LCD projector)
113-T (18 + 1 instructor station with LCD projector)

Event Schedule

Event Date (MM/DD/YYYY) or Date Range** (MM/DD/YYYY - MM/DD/YYYY):
Event Time Range (HH:MM AM/PM- HH:MM AM/PM):

Give a brief description of the software to be used in the event; also indicate how the class will be conducted (i.e. lecture/demo vs. hands-on):

Please enter any additional comments here.

By clicking Submit Request below, you agree to abide by and enforce the Terms of Use and accept the rules and conditions outlined in this document.

What Happens Next

You will be informed that your request has been processed by returning to you either a confirmation, or, in the event of a conflict, the necessary information to allow you to reach a resolution.

If you have questions regarding lab reservation or using this form, contact Account Services.

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