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SimpleHelp is a service that allows one person to view and optionally interact with the workstation of another person in order to provide remote technical support. The person providing the support is referred to as a technician, and the person receiving support is termed the client.


In order to receive remote assistance from your IT support staff, you need to run the SimpleHelp remote support software. There are several ways to do this, depending on how your IT support staff prefer to work.

  • You may go to, click and run the remote support software, and log in with your name and a departmental ID.

  • If you already have the remote support software installed, you can log in with your name and a departmental ID.

  • Your IT support staff may send you an email or chat message with a link that will fill in the login and department ID for you automatically

When your IT support staff connect to your system, they have view-only access to your computer. They can request remote control -- which requires your approval -- in order to work with your computer interactively.


Before you can connect to your clients' computers with SimpleHelp, you must be configured as a SimpleHelp Technician and you need a departmental ID or group. That departmental ID is used to make sure your clients are connected only to the technicians in your department.

  • Does your organizational group have a SimpleHelp group associated with it? If not, contact

  • Do you have a SimpleHelp tech account setup? If not contact and include the group you are associated with.

Once you have a SimpleHelp department ID and a Technician account, you can go to and download the Technician client. Log in with your NetID and password, and make sure you select your group's SimpleHelp group from the drop-down menu. If you have any problems contact

Working with clients

There are several ways to direct customers to SimpleHelp in a manner that will allow them to be visible in your group's queue:

  • Direct the client to to download, install and run the Remote Support application. Administrator rights are not required. The application will prompt your client to enter a name. Have them enter a name and your department ID. For example, if your department ID is 'ETS', the client could enter a name like 'RallyCat ETS' or 'ETS RallyCat'. The client then will appear in your queue. Please note that the group name is case-sensitive.

  • The Technician software provides a mechanism for emailing an invitation to your client. This invitation contains a URL to a customized launcher for the Remote Support application which automatically enters the name and department ID, and the client will appear in your queue.

  • You can craft a URL to direct the client to your queue, using the following syntax:,$GROUP-$NAME

    Following the previous example, the URL for getting RallyCat into the ETS queue would be:,ETS-RallyCat

    Note: That $GROUP is case-sensitive

You can use this URL in an email or chat, or embed it in a web page. Multiple clients can use the same URL, and while they will all appear with the same name, there are other details that you can see in the queue to help you distinguish between different clients.

Additional information can be found in the SimpleHelp technician guide which can be found at If after reading you still have questions or problems please contact

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