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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about RightFax at UVM

Q:  Do I need to use the 80 or 9 access codes for sending faxes?
A:  Yes. we use the exact same dialing patterns to place the call as we would from any handset on campus (6xxxx for station to station, 9nxx1234 for local and toll free calls and 801npanxxx1234 for toll calls.)

Q:  What kind of files can I attach to a fax?
A:  The following table lists the software applications and document file formats that can be converted to faxes by the built-in conversion engine on the RightFax server. Only these file types can be converted from their native format by sending as file attachments to a fax message or by using the Send To function in Windows.

Table B1 Supported Document File Formats

Application or file format Supported versions
ANSI text (7 & 8 bit) All versions
ASCII text (7 & 8 bit) All versions
BMP Windows versions
DCX (multi-page PCX) Microsoft Fax
EPS If TIFF image is embedded
GIF All versions
HTML Versions through 4.0
JPEG (includes EXIF) All versions
Microsoft Excel Versions 2000 through 2007
Microsoft PowerPoint Versions 2000 through 2007
Microsoft Rich Text Format(RTF) All versions
Microsoft Visio (.VSD files) 2000 through 2007
Microsoft Word 2000 through 2007
Microsoft WordPad All versions
Microsoft Works Versions through 8.0
PCX bitmap All versions
Portable Document Format All versions
Post Script All versions
TIFF CCITT Group 3 & 4 All versions
Unicode Text All versions
UUEncode No specific version
UTF-8 No specific version
WordPerfect Graphics (WPG and WPG2) Versions through 2.0

Q:  What password should I be using to log into WebUtil or the other fax utilities?
A:  The system uses Active Directory for authentication. You should provide your UVM NetID and password at the login screen (the same credentials you use for University email). If login still fails, try resynchronizing your password at the UVM account management page.

Q:  Can I use my existing fax number to receive faxes using the RightFax Server?
A:  Yes. Telecommunication and Network Services can repoint the current phone number to the fax server. To convert an existing fax number to using the fax server for inbound faxes, we need the following information:

  • The existing departmental fax number to be forwarded to the fax server.
  • A departmental email address to send the inbound faxes to ( or optionally a directory in your departmental share drive)
  • If you go with a directory in your departmental share, need the full path of the directory. Also please provide the user, sa_rightfax_shared, write access to that directory. It should also have traverse access.
  • Format of the inbound fax attachment (pdf or tiff) (almost everyone prefers pdf)
  • The email address(es) for notifications of the arrival of inbound faxes (optional)
  • The email address(es) of individuals to act as delegates to the inbound fax line(optional)
    This means, if you are setup as a delegate, you can see all incoming faxes to your account as well as to the departmental account when you use the webutil.

Please email the above information to the RightFax Administrator

Q:  I am a Macintosh user. Can I use RightFax?
A:  The vendor of RightFax has no support for browsers other than Internet Explorer or operating systems other than Windows XP SP2 or Vista. However, faxes can be sent via email or via web browser.

Q:  Can I use any email account to send faxes?
A:  No. Faxes will be processed only from valid uvm email addresses. The from field of the email must be in the form of or All other emails will be ignored. In addition, faxes will be processed only for those UVM email addresses from active directory users sync'd with the Rightfax server. The sync'd population is active UVM faculty and staff.

Q:  How do I send a paper fax using my Kyocera copier?
A:  Follow these steps:

  • Click on APPLICATION button to the left of screen
  • Press on screen RightFax button
  • Enter UVM netid (click on username button to get to keyboard) and password
  • Send fax screen
  • Choose ENTER DESTINATION on the right side of the screen
  • Click on ADDRESS and enter recipient name and phone # (you can use keypad to enter numbers)
  • Press SUBMIT
  • Click DONE
  • Put fax paper in copier paper feeder
  • Choose from layout options just like in copying before sending/scanning)
  • Click SCAN
  • To end faxing, select RESET
  • You will be notified by email whether your fax has been sent successfully

Q:  Is there a limit on the no. of pages in one fax?
A:  Yes, the limit is 30 pages

Q:  Can I use Internet Explorer 10 or 11 with RightFax WebUtil?
A:  Yes, with campus domain joined computers, for others please use compatibility mode.WebUtil doesn't work with FireFox or Chrome

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