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Send Fax via Email

Send Fax via Email

The RightFax server can send out faxes that are sent to it via email. The TO: field in the email is used to specify the delivery instructions and other information to include in the cover page. The subject line of the email is placed on the cover sheet notes section.

Address Syntax: /fax=656-4321/name=Joes Pizza/ <>

The following table lists all fax destination elements supported by the RightFax addressing scheme. Only the fax number and name elements are required. Except for the fax number, all of these addressing elements are used only for display on the fax cover sheet.

Table 28d RightFax Scheme Addressing Elements

Element Definition Example
/bi1= Billing code 1 /bi1=1111
/bi2= Billing code 2 /bi2=2222
/city= Recipient city, state /city=Tucson, AZ
/com= Recipient company name /com=Acme, Inc.
/fax= Destination fax number /fax=555-1212
/name= Recipient name /name=Jane Doe
/voice= Recipient voice number /voice=555-4567


/name=Jane/fax=555-1212/ <>

/fax=5551212/name=Jane/com=Acme/ <>

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