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New software or tech devices are not always immediately compatible in UVM's IT environment. Software developers need time to make their applications ready for new operating systems or types of hardware, or UVM's infrastructure needs to be modified to accomodate new methods of network communication.

It is recommended to wait to adopt new software or products until they have been tested and proven to work with UVM software and systems, especially on systems that run business-critical functions.

The following software/products are currently under review at UVM:

Microsoft Windows 8/Windows RT

Released October 26, 2012, Windows 8 (and its mobile device counterpart Windows RT) is the latest release in the line Microsoft Windows operating systems. Featuring a new touchscreen-oriented user interface, it is designed to run on both conventional laptops and PCs as well as new mobile tablet devices.

  • Support Availability: ETS will continue to work toward fully supporting Windows 8 by exploring application compatibility and deployment/diagnostic utilities, and working with early adopters to identify problems and solutions unique to Windows 8.
  • Product Availability: faculty/staff/grad students covered by Microsoft Enrollment for Education Solutions (formerly "Campus Agreement") may obtain Windows 8 via the campus LiteTouch deployment mechanism, or download Windows 8 from the network share. Undergraduate students and other UVM affiliates not covered by EES can purchase Windows 8 from the Computer Depot.

Macintosh OS X Antivirus

While Macs traditionally have largely been viewed as being "immune" to viruses and malware, the threatscape of malicious software targeting the Mac OS is changing. ETS is continually monitoring how these threats evolve and evaluating potential OS X antivirus software for use at the university.

  • Support Availability: There is currently no support for OS X antivirus software at UVM.
  • Product Availability: There is currently no antivirus software for OS X licensed by UVM.

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