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DNS Policy Domain Name Services (DNS) Policy

  1. A host name can be registered for any host at a fee of $120/year. Host network address changes can be made at a fee of $35 per occurrence. Only UVM-owned hosts can be registered in the top-level domain,
  2. The annual fee will be waived for UVM-owned hosts having 25 or more persons routinely attaching.
  3. Student run servers qualify for free UVM DNS names if your project has academic purposes and is sponsored by CIT and a faculty member or faculty/staff program administrator.
  4. Subdomains are possible, but not normally needed or encouraged. Setting up and managing your own subdomain requires a significant amount of skill and effort. The benefits, in many cases, are minimal, and there are potential risks and negatives (longer names, changing names). Subdomains need their own subdomain name server. A subdomain can only be assigned to university organizational units which should represent a logical networking grouping, for example, Residential Life. ETS Network Services provides secondary name service for subdomains at $100/year each (this allows your hosts to continue to be accessible in the event of a subdomain name server problem).
  5. The subdomain server shall run current and secure software with a technically qualified person designated to support the DNS system and cooperate with the parent domain.
  6. The assignment of mail server status (mx records) is not encouraged. Since email accounts are provided at no cost to all University affiliates, additional email servers are generally unnecessary and increase security risks. Further, email servers can require considerable time and expertise for appropriate levels of support, and have been abused by external spammers. However, if you have a community of users (100 or more) for whom the University's email system is not meeting needs, and you are prepared to maintain adequate security and have obtained a firewall waiver for email services, mx records can be assigned. Note that mail servers must be configured to prevent spam relay. A server which is open to email relay from outside of UVM must be closed immediately upon discovery. If an email server is being actively exploited by spammers, the server should be disconnected from the net until the problem has been resolved.
  7. All URL and host names — for subdomains or elsewhere on — must abide by UVM's "Policy for Assigning Names on UVM's Web Site" and approved by the UVM Web Team.

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