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Microsoft Windows Terminal Services

Using ETS-Hosted Terminal Service Applications at UVM

Microsoft Terminal Serivces enables users to run complex client/server applications without having to install cumbersome desktop software. All software is installed and run on secure servers in our datacenter. Only a lightwight Terminal Services client is required to access the running application. This client software is built into Windows XP, and is freely available for Windows 2000 and Macintosh clients.

Starting in November of 2006, ETS is transitioning all thin-client applications formerly hosted on Citrix ICA terminal services to Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) Terminal Services. This new infrastructure has been built with improved stability and performance as top priorities.

Some key features of the infrastructure include:

  • Load-balancing of connections between redundant Terminal Servers for increased reliability
  • Support for remote client disk, printer, and audio mapping (thus ensuring a more complete application experience)
  • Full-color support to ensure best appearance of rendered applications
  • Official support for Windows 2000, XP, and Macintosh OS X clients, best-effort support for Linux clients.

For information on connecting Windows clients to the Terminal Services infrastructure, see the Windows Connections page.

For information on connecting Macintosh clients to the Terminal Services infrastructure, see the Macintosh Connections page.

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