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Create an Electronic Mailing List

This form allows you to request a new faculty/staff mailing list. Students wanting to set up a student list should request a student mailing list.

Naming the List

Choose a one-word name for your list, noting that messages will be sent to the list in the form This name must be one word with no spaces, and can contain letters A through Z and hyphens. The name should be something people can remember and type easily.

Give your list a title, e.g., Folk Music in America.

List Ownership

The list must be sponsored by a UVM department: such as Sociology, Bailey/Howe Library, or Accounting.

The primary list owner must be a permanent UVM employee, not a student, temporary employee, or non-UVM affiliate. This person will be responsible for managing the list. A student or non-UVM person can, however, be a secondary list owner.

Enter the first name, last name and e-mail addresses of one or more list owners:

List Owner's Name Email Address

The primary list owner normally receives delivery errors and other such administrative messages from the list, but if you have specified more than one owner, please give the email address of the person to receive these messages.

Joining the List and Sending Messages

People approved by list owners (subscription requests will be sent to you for approval) addresses only

Any list member
List owners only (making this an announcement list) addresses only

More privacy options are available for your list once it has been created.

Messages are distributed to the list as soon as someone sends one.
Messages are sent to list owners for approval before being delivered (making this a moderated list).

Archives and Publicity

Available to everyone and put them on the web.
Available only to list subscribers and do not put them on the web.

More archiving options are available for your list once it has been created.

No. You will be responsible for notifying people about this list.

Expiration Date

Welcome Message

Optionally, type a brief introduction that will be mailed to each person who signs up for your list, in addition to the standard LISTSERV welcome message that gives delivery and unsubscription instructions.

Special Instructions

Please list any special instructions to the mailing list creators here.

A new list can be set up in about two days. When the list is ready, the list owner(s) will receive e-mailed instructions for operating the list.

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