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Install and configure Adium X for Mac OS X

This documentation was written using Adium X v0.87 as a reference.  Procedures should be similar with current versions of the product, although slight differences may have been introduced with more recent releases.

Installing Adium X

  1. Download the latest version of Adium from or from its home at
  2. The installer file should be opened automatically.
  3. Installation is as simple as dragging the large, green duck icon on top of the Applications folder shortcut just to its right.

Configure Adium for use with UVM's Jabber Chat Services

  1. If no accounts are yet configured, the "Preferences : Accounts" window will be displayed with the Accounts icon highlighted at top left.
  2. Click the plus symbol at the bottom left to add a new account.
  3. Select Jabber (second from the top).
  4. Account should be the highlighted option at top.
  5. For the option of Jabber ID, enter your substituting your NetID in.
  6. Enter your password for your NetID account.
  7. It is recommended that you select the checkbox on the lower left to automatically start Adium X.
  8. Select the next option at top, Personal.
  9. Enter an Alias for yourself if you like and choose an icon.
  10. Select the next option at top, Options.
  11. Click the checkbox next to Security: to use the TLS option. The server will not accept a connection without this.
  12.  The "connect server" is obtained from your Jabber ID, and thus is not a required data field. (It's the part after the @ symbol.)

Configure Recommended Adium Options

A large number of functional and cosmetic options are available by choosing Preferences from the File menu. Most recommended options are default with Adium X. Feel free to review and make changes as you like by selecting the large icons across the top for each configuration group.

Adding Buddies to Adium

  1. Select Add Contact from the Contact menu.
  2. Choose a Contact Type (e.g. Jabber, AOL, etc.) from available options. You will only see protocols available if you have configured your account for that service. For UVM's server, choose Jabber.
  3. Enter the Jabber ID of the person you wish to add to your buddy list. This is their NetID followed by (e.g.
  4. Provide an Alias for them if you like (e.g. Myron).
  5. Finally, choose a group you would like to place them with. You can configure new groups and move them later if you don't have one you like available.

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