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Note: These instructions are for the legacy calendar system. For the current email & calendar system, please setup your iOS device (iPhone and iPad) for use with Exchange.

Accessing UVM's Oracle Calendar on Apple Devices

Before proceeding down the path of using a full synchronization client application, consider the quickest and cheapest option to access your UVM Oracle Calendar account:

Use the Safari web browser to access:

Apple mobile devices have out-of-box support for Calendar/Contact synchronization with Microsoft Exchange and Apple's iCloud service. If you are a user of the Business School or College of Medicine Exchange servers, please contact your local IT staff for assistance.

ETS currently recommends over-the-air synchronization of Oracle calendar event information using the SyncML protocol.

Tasks+Cal+Sync from SynthesisAG

Using SyncML requires additional software. Within the Appstore, search for the terms: Tasks Cal Sync. The result should be similar to what you see here.

The Tasks+Cal+Sync app will synchronize your Oracle calendar events with a calendar application written by Synthesis AG and built-in to this application, not the calendar that is included with the device.

We recommend only this version as we have had difficulty with the SyncML Pro version that places event data in the native Apple calendar.

This configuration example uses the Tasks+Cal+Sync version of the application. This application is usually priced around $15. Purchase a copy now and press the open button to begin.

The Sync now button will be used to initiate the sync once configuration is complete. After the initial sync, the program can be configured to automatically synchronize each time you open it and periodically thereafter based on your choice of time interval.

You'll need to press the SyncML Settings button, indicated by a red arrow, to proceed.

Press Add new account. You may assign a name to this account at top, or leave it as the default. Only you will see it should you add more than one account.

Select the Tasks menu item, then set its Enabled for Sync status slider to Off. We'll only be configuring event data for synchronization. When finished, press the SyncML Account button on the top left to return.

We don't support Contact information being synchronized to the calendar server, though it does work. This was never an advertised feature, and we are concerned about issues regarding the future migration to a new calendar server. Full backups of your device using iTunes or iCloud, and contact syncing to iCloud will suffice here for contacts.

The Server Settings will include the name of the UVM Oracle Calendar server (in the form of a URL) and your credentials for login (your UVM NetID and NetID password). We'll enter these now.

Press the Server Settings button.

Click the URL field to set the server address.

The above URL is continuous when entered (i.e. no spaces). Double check this entry VERY carefully.

Press the Save button on the top right when finished.

Next, press the User field under the Server Login heading. Enter your UVM NetID here.

Now tap the Password field and enter your NetID password.

Turn off the Use Proxy slider.

When finished, tap the SyncML Account button at top left.

Finally, press the Calendar button.

Set the Server Path to:


The server path is cAsE sEnSiTiVe, so be sure to capitalize the C and the E at the start of each word.

We strongly recommend that you turn on the Data Range Limits. Start with a relatively small range of dates (e.g. 30/90) to synchronize. You can increase this (e.g. 30/240) until server synchronizations fail to complete, then back off the range by a safe margin. Due to a software limit, synchronization will fail if too much data is being sent. The failure is harmless but annoying.

Press the SyncML button at top left to return to the SyncML Account menu.

Now, the moment of truth!

If you have entered everything correctly, you are about to be rewarded with failure. Press the Sync this account now button to initiate first sync.

This will always fail with an error code 422.

Press the configuration (gear) icon at top left and then press the Sync this account now button again.

We hope to see Sync successfully completed as the result. If not, read the error message carefully. You've probably entered your credentials incorrectly. Try those first, then recheck all settings.

Download only, iCal import

One final alternate method to view calendar information:

If you are connecting your device to an iTunes installation on a Macintosh, you can follow the Importing UVM Events Calendars for Viewing On The Go procedure. This procedure will allow read-only access to your personal calendar, as it existed the last time that you synchronized with iTunes.

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