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Trouble Shooting

Trouble Shooting

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Performing a Soft Reset:

A soft reset is the most common solution to problems with your Palm or PPC. Look on the back and you'll see a small pinhole with the word "Reset" near it. There's a chance you can unscrew the tip or end of your stylus and use it to push the button, but you can also use a bent paperclip.


Performing a Hard Reset:

A hard reset is what I call the "last resort" fix. A hard reset is similar to the soft reset, however it deletes all the data from your Palm. The hard reset is done the same way as a soft reset, except you have to hold the power button down as you press the reset button. The screen will then ask if you want to erase all the data. Push the "up" button to say yes.


Performing a Full Synchonization:

  • If you find that some of your Oracle Calendar items are synchronizing and some aren't, doing a Full Sync tends to fix this problem.
  • In the Start Menu -> (All) Programs -> Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm (or Pocket PC) -> Full Sync Setup.
  • Check the box next to Date Book (or Calendar).
  • Sync the device. The Oracle Calendar part will take five times longer than normal, but your events should sync correctly.


What To Do When Your Handheld Runs Out of Batteries:

You'll lose all the information in your Palm or PPC if it runs out of batteries for more than a few minutes. The first thing to do is replace or recharge your batteries.

  • On a Windows computer, getting your data back is as simple as setting up a Full Synchronization (if you use the Oracle Calendar Sync - see "Full Synchronization" in the menu to the left) and resynchronizing the device.
  • On a Mac it's a little more complicated.
    • Sync once, and most of your applications and data will be copied back to the Palm.
    • Now you need to re-enter your calendar info into the Oracle Calendar application on your Palm (See #8 under Oracle Calendar for Palm on Mac OS X).
    • Open Palm Desktop on your Mac. Go to the Hotsync menu at the top of the screen, and choose Conduit Settings.
    • Find any conduit in the list that begins with "Oracle Calendar." Double-click on it and choose "Macintosh overwrites handheld" then click OK.
    • Do a Hotsync, and your calendar data should now be back on your Palm.


What To Do When Repeating Meetings Don't Synchronize Properly:

Unfortunately, if you have created any repeating meetings on your Palm they will not move over to your Oracle Calendar properly. It will get the first one but will do nothing with any of the others. At this time, the only way to deal with this problem is to create repeating meetings using your Oracle Calendar client. They will sync from Oracle to the Palm, but not the reverse.


New Symbols Before Meetings on your Handheld

The new symbols you see before the title of meetings on your handheld ([+], [*?], etc) are a feature in Oracle Calendar Sync that inform you about the ownership and your attendance status for each meeting.

Thanks to Oracle's Manon Delisle for this information:

[+]- An Event you own and are attending
[-] - An Event you own but are not attending
[?]- An Event you own but for which you have not yet confirmed your attendance status
[*+]- An Event you do not own and are attending
[*-]- An Event you do not own and are not attending
[*?]- An Event you do not own and for which you have not yet confirmed your attending status


Error Messages

There are two different logs that can offer extra information if your Palm is not syncing correctly.

The first is the Palm Desktop Log, which can be found by right-clicking on your Hotsync Icon (in the system tray next to the clock) and choosing View Log.

The other is the Oracle Calendar Sync Log, which can be found in the Start Menu under All Programs > Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm (or Pocket PC) > View Log.


"Could not find a mandatory preference file"

This error message is trying to say that the Oracle Calendar Setup does not have any time zone information. To correct this, follow these steps:

  • Open another My Computer window, and navigate to C:\Program Files\Oracle\Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm
  • Find the file named "timezone.ini" Right click on it, and choose Copy.
  • Open My Computer, and navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Oracle\Oracle Calendar Sync for Palm
  • The only thing in this folder should be another folder called "Logs." Paste timezone.ini into the current folder (Not into the Logs folder).
  • Try the Hotsync again.


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