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NotifyLink OTA Load

Occasionally the two-way synchronization between the server and the NotifyLink client on the BlackBerry can become problematic, effecting the Calendar, Contacts or Tasks. The first recovery step is to try an Over-The-Air Load of the problem items.

An OTA Load will erase the selected data from the BlackBerry and download a fresh copy from the server. It will then resume normal two-way synchronization.

To do this, open the NotifyLink Email application, use the menu key to pull up a list of options, and select "OTA Load". You will see three check boxes next to the words "Calendar", "Contacts" and "Tasks". Place a check mark in the box corresponding to the item experiencing problems, then use the menu key and select the "send" option. It will take a few minutes for the results to return, then a message will arrive in the Email box with the load details.

Viewing UVM Contacts from NotifyLink

NotifyLink provides a conduit into the UVM LDAP directory, making contact lookups easy. Once a contact is found, it's easy to email or call them by highlighting the relevant information and selecting the menu.
  • From the main NotifyLink screen, tap the menu key, then select 'Remote Lookup'.
  • Enter either the first or last name, or both, and select search.
  • If multiple matches are returned, highlight the person you're searching for, and select them.
  • Their public data is returned.
  • Highlight their email address, then tap the menu key and select 'Email with NotifyLink'. Notice there is also the option to 'Email XXX'. This option would open a compose window and allow you to email them from a BIS account, IE. hotmail, gmail etc. (assuming you've set one of those accounts up on your BlackBerry).
  • This opens a new compose email window in NotifyLink. You can now type the body of your email, or add other recipients.
  • If you'd like to add another recipient, tap the menu key and select 'Add Recipient'.
  • This will take you to the BlackBerrys address book where you can select a contact you already have defined, or you can do another 'Remote Lookup' to pull an address out of the UVM directory..

BlackBerry Generic

Preferred Roaming List

A preferred roaming list (PRL) is programmed into your cell phone when it is first activated. This is an ordered list of which cell towers the phone can use. As time goes by, cellular providers bring new towers online, and make agreements with other providers about who's traffic they will carry. All these changes effect the Preferred Roaming List.

It is there for a good idea to update your cell phone every three to six months with the new roaming list. This will ensure you can use all the cell towers that are currently available.

  • Dial *228
  • Select option 2
  • Wait for the completion message

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