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There are two main ways to configure your BlackBerry to receive UVM Email.


This is a premium enterprise-class service that provides robust synchronization of not only email, but also calendar, contacts and tasks.  You are eligible to receive this service if you have been approved for a Cell Phone Allowance for your BlackBerry.

Learn more about NotifyLink and apply for a NotifyLink account.

BlackBerry Internet Service

If you don't qualify for a NotifyLink account, you can still retrieve your email on the BlackBerry. A BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) account does not provide full two-way synchronization of email transactions and the quality of service is not as good as NotifyLink, however for casual use it's acceptable.

Typically, email will be delivered to the BlackBerry within 15-20 minutes. Email won't ever be deleted from the BlackBerry, even if you delete it from UVM's email servers. However if you delete it from the BlackBerry, it will eventually remove it from UVM's email servers. This effectively means having to manage your email twice, as you may need to move or delete it from a desktop computer. There is an option however, to remove all email from the BlackBerry after X number of days. This may be a workable option for some users, though isn't considered enterprise class service.

We recommend that you configure BIS for UVM email as follows:

Configuration for UVM email

From the main BlackBerry screen, select the Setup icon 

Then, select the Email Settings icon

Login to your BlackBerry Internet Service account.

In the Email Accounts screen, click Add.

Choose "Other" for Email setup option from the listed choices (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Windows Live, Other).

Enter your email address and password in the provided fields, then click next.
Please enter the email address in the following format: UVM
Example: (instead of

You should see a screen saying you've successfully configured the address. Click ok.

In the Email Accounts screen, click on the newly configured UVM email account.

Here you can customize various settings including your name and signature (located under General Options).
Under Advanced Options, change the Email Server name to
Make sure you are configured to use SSL (select the "Use SSL" box)
Click Save to confirm the settings.

Note: The same method can be used to add other types of email accounts like,, etc.

The above email account configuration and settings can also be setup from a web browser on your computer.  
Choose the appropriate BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) website of your phone carrier.  







Updating your BIS Pasword

When your change your UVM NetID password, you will also need to update it with Verizon so that your BIS email account can continue to work.
  • From the main BlackBerry home screen, select the E-mail Settings icon.
  • Under Services, select Email Accounts.
  • Find your UVM email address (likely the only one), and select Edit.
  • Scroll down to the password box, and type in your new password.
  • Scroll down further, and click on save.

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