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BlackBerry Calendar

There are two main ways to configure your BlackBerry syncronize with the UVM Oracle Calendar.

NotifyLink (prefered)

This is a premium enterprise class service that provides robust synchronization of not only the calendar, but also email, contacts and tasks. This service has an annual fee associated with it, however ETS is offering to waive that fee for some eligible parties.

Learn more about NotifyLink and apply for a NotifyLink account.

Nexthaus SyncJE (alternate)

If you don't qualify for a NotifyLink account, you can still syncronize your Oracle calendar with the BlackBerry wirelessly using a program from Nexthaus ( called SyncJE. Installing SyncJe When you have downloaded your copy of SyncJe, it will need to be installed. Start up your Blackberry Desktop Manager and use the "Application Loader" to drive to the installer (which you have already unzipped and placed in a previously known location).

Before installing and configuring SyncJe; you will want to be sure to instruct the Blackberry Desktop manager (Synchronize applet, Configuration Tab, config sync button), NOT to syncronize the Calendar (uncheck the box for Calendar and Tasks) or you will get duplications in your calendar.

The icon on your blackberry as of this writing resembles orange squares descending down and to the right. The first step is to put in your user name and registration code EXACTLY as it appears in the body of the email you received. Play close attention to the "Gotcha" section below.

SyncJE Configuration Settings for UVM

Server URL
User name: UVM NetID
Password: UVM NetID Password
Contacts Foldername: ./Contacts
Events Foldername: ./Calendar/Events
Todo Foldername: ./Calendar/Tasks
"Skip saving attendees" option: Make sure this is checked


  • In the SyncJE configurations, look for an option to "Skip saving attendees", and make sure this is checked. If this is left un-checked there is a risk that meeting attendee's will be updated every time a sync is performed.
  • You must click on (select) the box to the left of any of the entities that you want to syncronize.
  • The Get Folders option on the menu will get folder names but they are not correct. It does work to use Get Folders and then change them to the above value.


If you get frequent timeouts when syncing, try changing the Transport Option (WAP/MDS/BIS) from the default BIS to WAP.

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