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The UVM Wireless Network

To join the UVM wireless network using your Apple device, begin by pressing the Settings application icon.

Select Wi-Fi

Wait for the list of available networks to appear.

Select UVM (don't use UVM Guest)

Enter your NetID and your NetID password.

You will be presented with an offer to accept a digital certificate. Accept this or choose More Details to see extra information and confirm the certificate details match the details below.

Details of the certificate should match all numbers shown here.

After you Accept the certificate, the UVM network should be connected. Note the fan shaped icon next to the cell tower signal strength and cell provider name.

Wireless setup is now complete.

Selecting the UVM network after it has been joined allows you to choose the Forget this Network option. This is sometimes useful to activate when you are having wireless connection troubles. Press this to clear all info about the wireless network and enter all connection data again.

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