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Configuring Android Devices For Use On the UVM Network

These notes were made while configuring a Samsug Galaxy S Android phone.  Actual menus and tap orders will vary slightly between Android models and carriers, but the major configuration options will be the same for each service.

UVM Wireless

From the unlocked state, Home Screen:

From the Home screen, touch the Menu button and choose Settings (Gear icon).
Select Wireless and network, then select Wi-Fi settings.
Under the Wi-Fi networks section, look for UVM. A padlock should be visible over the signal indicator, and comments should say "Secured with 802.1x EAP" Select this

You will be asked for a password for credential storage if you have not previously set one. Enter one now.

Now provide the following choices on the menu "Connect to UVM":
EAP Method: PEAP
Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
CA certificate: N/A
Client certificate: N/A
Identification: Your NetID
Anonymous identification: Blank
Wireless password: Your NetID password

Note: use the Show password button to double check that you have typed it correctly.

UVM Email

Note: For the current email & calendar system,
please setup your Android device for use with Exchange.

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