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Android - Backups:

Making a backup of your Android based phone or device is not as simple as it is with an iPhone or a Blackberry.  Other phones typically offer a desktop client (e.g. iTunes for iPhones, Blackberry Desktop for Blackberries, Palm Desktop for Treos) that will dump everything into one backup file on your computer of choice.  Comprehensive backup programs exist for Android if you are willing to circumvent the controls on your device by "rooting" it.  This is similar to jailbreaking an iPhone without the ramifications involved from Apple.

At this time, we don't have a recommendation for complete backup software.

The concept of the Android devices is one of "cloud" based services for all mobile applications.  By configuring your device with credentials for your Gmail account at Google, you will be able to synchronize (and thus back up) several important components (but not all) of your data.

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