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Thunderbird and Mozilla Mail Configuration

Thunderbird Installation and Configuration

These instructions will take you through initial installation and configuration of the Mozilla Thunderbird program for use with University of Vermont central email servers.  The configuration process will be almost identical for both Windows and Macintosh users.  In the following examples, we will pretend our name is "Myron Kapoodle".  Myron's NetID is "mkapoodl", and his mail alias is "".

When following these instructions, please substitute your NetID and mail alias for Myron's.

If you have not yet activated your NetID or mail alias, please go to the NetID Account Management page.

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Initial Account Setup

Startup Thunderbird by double-clicking the Thunderbird icon.

Once the main Thunderbird window opens, the Account Wizard will launch.  (If you need to start the Account Wizard manually, you can do so by going to the Tools menu, then selecting "Account Settings", then clicking "Add account".)  Under "New Account Setup", select the "UVM Email Account" option, then click "Next":

In the "Identity" box, enter your full name in the "Your Name" field.  In the UVM NetID field enter your Network ID (i.e. mkapoodl).  Do not use your mail alias (i.e. The information you enter here appear in the "from" field of all messages you send using Thunderbird:

You will then be prompted to confirm your selections.  Click "Finish" to start using your new account.  Thunderbird will now attempt to connect to UVM's mail server and download your mailbox information.

You will be prompted to enter your NetID password.  There also will be an option to allow Thunderbird to remember you password.  For security reasons, it is not recommended that you use this setting:

password prompt

Additional Settings

Under some circumstances, you may wish to modify some of Thunderbird's default settings.  Below we will outline the circumstances, and show how to reconfigure Thunderbird to suit that need.

I want my "mail from" information to match the University Standard for Email Addresses:

To change the "mail from" information on your Thunderbird account, go the the program's "Tools" menu, select "Account Settings", then change the address displayed in the "Email Address" field to match the <First>.<Last> address standard:

Account - address field

I frequently use WebMail to read my messages when away from campus.  How do I set my "Sent" mail folder to use the same folder as WebMail?

By default, Thunderbird will put all "Sent" messages into a server folder labeled "Sent".  You can change this behavior by going to the "Tools" menu, then selecting "Account Settings", then click on the "Copies & Folders" option.  In the "Place a copy in:" section, click the "Other" radio button, then select the "sent-mail" folder from the list of folders in you "UVM Mail" account:

Account - sent mail 

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